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 Background lore

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PostSubject: Background lore   Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:01 pm

I'll tell ye why we're 'ere!
Not to long ago, I was deep in one of me ancestor's tombs. I found 'is coffin and I'll tell ye what it read.
*Ymgarl takes a deep swig of his ale*
It talked abou' how he was a great axedwarf, but tha' there would be a great war one day, one tha' he never lived to see. I was excited by this.
*Ymgarl takes another quick gulp, burps and then wipes his bearded mouth with his sleeve*
So anyway, it said that one o' his descendants would muster a mighty warhost, and that there would be so many grudges to hold that it would make his grudges with the elves look like petty squabbles and even unite them under him. Well, now I realise that this dwarf is me. After the retakin' of the mighty mining fortress in Ekrund, I came 'ere to Altdorf and gathered a few laddies around me and we named ourselves after two of the key rune's on my Grandsire's crypt.
*Ymgarl takes a long pause and a deep breath*
We're Karn Aanug! Red dawn! I've come to keep me grandsire's grudges, and fulfil them. Now... let's errr... Drink and be merry... we'll kill greenskins some other time! Har har!
*Ymgarl grabs another grubby flaggon and downs it, before falling to the table with a thump.*
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Background lore
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