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 High Elf Addendum -Important people you should know about

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PostSubject: High Elf Addendum -Important people you should know about   Thu Sep 25, 2008 7:34 pm

Right then. As many of my non-elven comrades are probably wondering: just who make up our history? Well, this scripture will assist you in finding out. I will Make a description on important figures of the past, and present, mind you i will not list them chronologically, so don't expect some of these grand (and not so grand) people to live today.

Aenarion, The Defender

Well, allow me to begin with the first phoenix king, Aenarion. The one who mustered the Asur in the first organized war against the forces of Chaos which had been unleashed at the time, he stepped forth and fought chaos, the details are well-chronicled, as he is the first, and only phoenix king to be accepted by the gods themselves, and emerging from the phoenix fires which would burn any other alive, unscathed. He fought a noble war against the dark tides, untill the Everqueen was slain. Mad with rage, he did the unthinkable: Ignoring the warnings of the gods, and the pleads of his friends, and some say even the spirit of the everqueen, he claimed the sword of Khaine and butchered the Chaos forces in a ravening fury the likes of which god and mortal has not seen since. After the war, he and a large retinue of the most embittered elves of the war established a kingdom, taking the seeress Morathi as his wife. His best friend, mentioned below left him as the new kingdom of Nagarythe became more and more saturated with an eerie darkness. Filled with anger, Aenarion wanted to stop his friend, but before he could, the forces of Chaos returned stronger than ever. In the ensuing battle, Aenarion defended his friend with his life, and returned the sword of khaine to it's dark altar, dying a lone death near it.

Caledor, Dragontamer

The ever-wise friend of Aenarion, and one of the most powerful mages of his time, it was he who lead the creation of the magical vortex that saved the world of the forces of chaos, and condemned himself to an eternal struggle with Chaos. It is said that him and his wizard counsel's intervention during the sundering thwarted the dark elven attempts to undo the vortex.

(More to come later!)
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High Elf Addendum -Important people you should know about
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