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 Calal's Adventures.

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PostSubject: Calal's Adventures.   Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:29 pm

been wanting to make this for a while, so ill just start somewhere, since im a RP'er and the sad fact that WAR does not really support rp'ers (shame on mythic) then i just made up alittle story myself. it concludes a short serie of pictures with a story bound to.

Calal Raine is a Warrior Priest of the empire, devoted to root out all evil and aid our allies where ever needed.

Part one.

The forest of Ostland's chilled me to the bone, the scent of chaos hanged thick in the air as I was approached by a sergeant telling me that Sigmar had abandoned them, I of course gave him my blessings upon faith telling him that all things have a reason to happen and assured him that Sigmar would strike down upon those faithless and cowardiced by foul treachery. he told me that the nearby town of Wulfenburg had been overrun by the walking dead, and the nearby sigmarite temple desimated. I was shocked to hear such tale and bound to my holy duty I let off a prayer to Sigmar and grabbed a firm grip of my great hammer and ran north towards Wulfenburg.

the sight there was grim, the Sergeant did indeed not overtell his tale, Wulfenburg were reduced to ruins and the howl of the dead were filling the night. one came walsing towards me with arms stretched out, his pale look and rotten skin clearly indicated he was tainted and beyond saving, I had to strike him down

I continued my search through the town, smiting down the ghouls and rotting zombies that mindless walked to their doom of my hammer. alas my search was in vain, there were no survivers at all,
I found dead men of the empire, killed defending their precious belongings

I searched the bodies through out and found no markings of cuts, these poor men were simply beaten down by ghoul fangs and... hammers. With a grim face I was reminded that the sergeant mentioned the Sigmarite temple being desimated, I had my fears that it was worse than that, I had to see for myself, I left Wulfenburg and headed east to the nearby cloister of Sigmar.

The truth was painfully and struck deep in my heart, it was as i feared, the taint of chaos had struck and the proud defenders of the temple had turned corrupt,

I had to put an end to it, I rushed the hallway hammering down those I used to called brothers, with each swipe of my great weapon I became closer to Sigmar, this was my call, I would not fall like these infidels had.
at the end of the great temple near the altar I noticed a towering figure kneeling, he arose and turned to face me.. by Sigmar he was huge, a ironclad armored and armed Chaos Warrior, he had an evil grin about him and gestured me over in a challenge, I could not refused and charged him head one with my great hammer raised.

the battle was tense, I could feel myself wear down tired with no sign of weakness from the great champion, falling to my knee I grasped my Sigmarite amulet in my palm and whispered words of the emperor, the amulet started glowing and i felt refilled with strength, with renewed hope I arose in a split second of luck and jumped a side before the great warrior cleaved the altar in two with a swing of agile my greathammer landed flat on the Chaos Chosen's neck with a crack, he stopped up turned and looked at me with fury in his red eyes, then fell to his knees and down, blood siphoned from his head down the stairs of the temple... his taint would soon be washed away... this was but a small victory.

I returned to the sergeant explaining what had happend and ventured towards the Highpass, more was needed to do...

-To Be continued-
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Calal's Adventures.
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