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 Some more info on Darkfall

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PostSubject: Some more info on Darkfall   Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:08 pm

copyed from a wiki, dunno how accrute this truly is but apperently its 100%.

Six playable races, Dwarves, Alfar, Humans, Mahirim, Mirdain, Orks [1]
Open ability system, more than 1000 skills and spells [2]
They are hoping to get at least 500 skills and 500 spells in the retail [3]
Ultima Online had about a hundred skills and spells. Darkfall has at least 10 times that [4]
There are approximately 300 skills in this game with prerequisites for certain skills [5]
Hundreds of offensive and devensive spells [6]
Skills can be bought from npcs, some can be learnt from other players [7]
The Skill Cap is at 100 [8]
Characters could theoretically learn any skill they want, but a variety of skills/spells is race specific or can only be learnt by prestige classes [9]
There are no character levels, its a pure Skill System
Skills are being improved by practising them / using them
An ingame Message will inform you when skills have improved [10]
There are also skill trees that open up new skill categories that lead to further specialization [11]
Characters in Darkfall have attributes, like Strength, Intelligence, Constitution [12]
Some Basic Classes: explorer, hunter, mercenary, smith, magician, fisherman [13]
Some Prestige Classes: Paladin, Assassin, Gladiator and Enchanter [14]
There are basically no traditional character templates though, a dwarven fighter can still pick up some magic skills as a support [15]
Players later do have an option to follow a class system, via the prestige classes [16] Prestige classes will be out at launch, but the developers still hope to add them at a future date in a patch.
Once a player picked a prestige class, he can change his class later with some minor penalties [17]
There will be around 100 Prestige Classes [18]
The game supports a narrative Legend system, allowing for players to become famous or infamous among the community [19]
Characters need to eat and drink regularly or they will suffer from temporary penalties, characters cant starve though [20]
Wearing Armor will affect the swimming and running speed [21]
You can have pets and NPC hirelings in Darkfall, ranging from tamed animals and monsters, to summoned skeletons, charmed animals and monsters, hired NPC merchants, hired NPC guards [22] This information is still posted on the main page, but is in fact inaccurate. The Devs decided to take pets out because they represent pvp power that does not reflect player skill. (Needs source, but read on the official forums.)
Six rings can be equipped [23]
Cape and robe can be worn at the same time, and over armor if so desired [24]
There will be a hotbar. You can drag spells and skills here, for easier access [25]

Schools of Spells: Lesser Magic, Greater Magic, Element of Fire, Element of Earth, Element of Water, Element of Air, Witchcraft, Spell Chanting, Necromancy, Arcane Magic and Prestige class specialty spells [26]
Spells can be casted while wearing armor, but with a variety of penalties [27]
Spells will evolve just like skills in Darkfall: The more you use them the more effective they are, to the cap of 100 [28]
The effects alone make the friggin’ spell feel like a powerful thing. The eye candy was great… The ground shakes, you burn [29]

[edit]Known Spells
Tornado [30]
Fireball [31]

[edit]General Skill Info
During character creation in Darkfall, you start out with a set of basic starting skills in addition to some special race-specific skills [32]
[edit]Known Adventure Skills
Riding [33]
Swimming [34]
Anger (Orcish Racial Skill) [35]
Climbing [36]
Sailing [37]
Mana efficiency [38]
Jumping [39]

[edit]Known Trade Skills
Farming [40]
Setting Snares [41]
Hunting [42]
Baking [43]
Cooking [44]
Fishing [45]
Mining [46]
Lumberjacking [47]
Herbalism [48]
Blacksmithing [49]
Armorsmithing [50]
Weaponsmithing [51]
Tinkering [52]
Enchanting [53]
Fletching [54]
Alchemy [55]

Items will decay with use [56]
It is possible to repair items with the proper skills and tools [57]
Eventually an item will be destroyed after being repaired several times [58]
The backpack does not use slots; items can be moved around freely [59]
Thousands of unique items and structures are associated with each playable race that are placed in the world [60]

[edit]Armor Basics
Each race has a unique armor style [61]
Pieces are interchangeable and you have the ability to mix and match different parts [62]
Armor can be imprinted with your guild's insignia [63]
Each type of armor offers different protection against various attack forms [64]
Plate is resilient to slashing attacks, but not to electricity [65]
Leather armor is resilient to electricity attacks, but not to slashing [66]
Each piece of armor worn comes with several penalties. Movement rate, stamina loss, dodging, casting time and chance of successfully casting spells [67]
There is visible weapon and armor decay [68]

[edit]Known Armor
Field plate armor [69]
Ordinary full plate [70]
Chainmail [71]
Banded mail [72]
Splint mail [73]
Chain shirts [74]
Leather armor [75]
Padded shirts [76]
Robes [77]
Hoods [78]

Real-Time Combat, with manually aiming and firing/fighting
Fighting from your horse or from ships, with your crew being able to man the cannons [79]
Players can control siege weapons and other heavy weapons [80]
There are magical items, potions or scrolls to aid you in combat [81]
You don't have to be an extreme twitch FPS type to be successful, although it will give you an edge, of course [82]
Collision detection and friendly fire makes it possible for a small, skilled group of players to be able to take on a larger group [83]
When a player is injured, there is a varying degree of unique looking blood and bruising on his face and body [84]
Friendly fire is always enabled in Darkfall [85]
You can use elevation, choke points, reverse slopes, tree lines, rivers, plateaus, etc. to your tactical advantage [86]
There's no target selection in Darkfall; all attacks are aimed [87]
Putting your targeting reticle on a player also provides identification [88]
Characters in Darkfall collide with, rather than passing through each other [89]
Attacks from behind in Darkfall do extra damage [90]
Friendly fire is in effect in Darkfall, and getting hit in the back does cause more damage [91]
With aimed attacks, line of sight becomes a factor. In Darkfall holding the high ground gives you a considerable advantage over your opponents [92]
There is a brief invulnerability at character respawn for some seconds or until aggression, and for a few seconds after the character has been revived on the battlefield [93]
Defensive manual blocking is in the game [94]
You could jump off of a big rock and hit someone in the head with an axe causing more damage with the momentum of your fall [95]
In Darkfall, damage is calculated in real-time like a first person shooter [96]
I tried putting on a longer ranged weapon- I think it was a halberd. Length matters [97]
You could reach farther (with a pole weapon), BUT, when you swing around you can hit your own people if you’re not careful [98]
As I mentioned, the game has friendly fire, so if uncoordinated groups will end up hitting their own guildmates or possibly even healing you [99]

[edit]General Mount Info
In Darkfall, mounts are fully controllable by the player [100]
Mounts which can be summoned using a crafted figurine which can be stored in your backpack [101]
Character control is maintained while riding; the character can equip items, attack, look around [102]
Mounts will take damage, slowly regenerate their health, and they can also be killed [103]
There are running and walking mode for Mounts, and they can also jump and swim [104]
Armored mounts and a taming skill are features under consideration [105]
Cavalry and mounted units can be used for reconnaissance/scouting, shock force tactics, frontal assaults, flanking maneuvers, pursuit of scattered and fleeing enemies, breaking through [106]
The mount gives the rider several obvious advantages in combat [107]
The mount will also attack the target along with the rider in static attacks [108]
Drawbacks include lesser maneuverability for the mounted player, difficulty fighting and maneuvering on some terrain, as well as fewer attack options [109]
The player needs to dismount to use ranged attacks [110]
Seeing smoke in the distance might mean a town, or a distant battle. Dust is kicked up by galloping mounts [111]
You can crash into a formation with your mounts, which can also push [[112]]

[edit]Known Mounts
Human Mercian Warhorse [113]
Mirdain Aerdin Cat [114]
Alfar Shulgan Drake [115]
Dwarven Garmir [116]
Orkish Death Pig [117]

There are no safe zones in Darkfall [118]
The six Racial Capital Cities are heavily guarded by NPC Guards [119]
Players can still fight within cities though [120]
Anyone can fight anyone, anywhere as long as they are willing to face the consequences - in the form of Darkfalls alignment [121]
There will be arena events to compete for fun and profit [122]
The game fully supports siege warfare for towns between rivaling Alliances and Clans
There will be no non-pvp servers [123]
Players can install entire kingdoms, this is fully supported by the game [124]
Player-run kingdoms can set the rules of their borders, if they want their guards to kill pkers on sight or not [125]
Characters start out with a neutral alignment, and based on your actions, this alignment changes [126]
Pkers will be attacked by most guards on sight [127]
Pkers who want to change their alignment towards good will have to undergo a challenging and difficult process [128]
Pkers will have a hard time finding a safe city to trade in [129]
When a character dies, all of his belongings that he carried with him stay on his corpse and can completely be looted by others [130]
Good aligned players receive an alignment boost if they kill pkers [131]
The alignment Scale is -100 (ultimate evil) to +100 (paragon of good) [132]
Each time you kill a player or NPC of your own race (or friendly race), you take a smaller or bigger alignment hit [133]
Wars between clans must be properly declared [134]
NPC's belonging to opposing clans can be killed [135]
Sinking to a negative alignment among your own race doesn't improve your standing with its traditional enemies [136]
Killing individuals of your own race (or an allied race) who have a negative alignments will grant you an alignment bonus [137]
Killing evil NPCs won't improve your alignment, nor will solving quests, killing monsters [138]
Increasing your alignment will give you access to quests and rewards that are unavailable if your score is lower [139]
Players with a negative alignment may bind to Chaos Stones, and thus gain a relatively safe place to respawn if killed [140]
Clan-controlled areas occupy the majority of the area in each realm [141]
Pkers are limited to free towns, remote areas within the realm, and their own player-run cities [142]
Every kill gets recorded along with some details about it [143]
Unlimited people can be looting the same corpse simultaneously [144]
You can kill Players while they are on their mount, and you can kill their mount while they are on it [145]
The Darkfall game engine allows for items to be placed on the ground, but that feature will not be in the game because it could be exploited to cause lag. Player corpses also turn into more simply rendered tombstones so they don't add to the lag in a large conflict. [146]

[edit]Siege and Clan Warfare
Logistics are very important in Clan warfare, Logistics are provided by the tradesmen, farmers, bakers, miners and other support characters [147]
Blocking entrances will be a viable combat tactic [148]
It is possible to push players and monsters out of the way [149]
Player-Characters cannot walk through other Player-Characters or Monsters [150]
Smoke and fire coming out of buildings, structures or equipment such as boats and siege weapons show the extent of damage they've received [151]
Clans going to war need to be able to re-supply their fighters and get them back into battle as soon as possible [152]
There are clear victory conditions in Darkfall; you win or lose a battle, you capture a mine, and you conquer a city [153]
There are clan management tools to satisfy even the most demanding control freak while simultaneously allowing leaders to delegate authority without losing their peace of mind [154]
Some of the safeguards against ZERGS (= sheer player number to dominate) in Darkfall are the cap at how many characters can tie at clanstones and bindstones [155]
"3am-raids": There is an exciting sequence of events that has to do with laying siege to a town. Besides this being a fun process, rest assured that nobody will be caught unawares [156]
Formations can advance while blocking [157]
Attacks from behind in Darkfall do extra damage [158]
Offensive area of effect spells, or ranged attacks won't be randomly fired during the melee engagement stage of a battle for fear of hurting friendly forces [159]
The same principle applies to beneficial area of effect spells, since enemy units will be affected by them as well [160]
Friendly fire is one of the tactics that will allow a smaller disciplined force to gain the advantage over a larger undisciplined one [161]
You can take cover in a tree line while an enemy group is exposed in the clearing [162]
Realistic stealth tactics are definitely possible in Darkfall [163]
You can use elevation, choke points, reverse slopes, tree lines, rivers, plateaus, etc. to your tactical advantage [164]
Our goal throughout the development cycle has been to allow players the freedom to adapt most ancient and medieval warfare tactics for use in the game [165]
Finishing off incapacitated opponents and reviving your teammates is one of the tactics that can tip the scales between equally matched forces [166]
Clanmates can train together without any alignment hits, and anyone can practice against anyone else in specially appointed venues [167]
Clan members might receives extra bonuses to defend while in the vicinity of their city such as extra hit points, attack speed bonuses, damage reduction, etc. which can be customized to suit the clan's play style [168]
Guilds have a number of tools to help organize themselves, including the ability to set up platoons, identify waypoints and utilize map coordinates [169]
[edit]Ships and Naval Warfare
Ship movement is affected by prevailing weather conditions [170]
Sophisticated fleet engagements with dozens of ships on each side, attacks on land from the sea, and combined land-sea operations are all possible in Darkfall [171]
There will be Sea Monsters in Darkfall [172]
A cannonball shot off a ship can not only damage but physically disorient an entire party by blowing them away [173]
We were on a smaller eight-gun ship, but they said the largest is huge with 50-guns [174]
You can shoot from each cannon [175]
The cannon can be destroyed, the ship can be sunk, you can board the ship and kill, or you can just make your way to the captain who steers it and turn the guns away from your ship [176]
You can bombard buildings or even people on the shore from the ship [177]

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PostSubject: Re: Some more info on Darkfall   Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:09 pm

Monsters will spawn dynamically, spawns do not appear in the very same place, up to the point where a species becomes extinct in a given area for a while [178]
Mobs carry equipment and can equip themselves depending on the situation. They can wear armor, choose the best weapon to use, and switch them during a fight [179]
The ultimate PVE achievement is to kill one of the 6 demigods (these are the ultimate raid goals in the retail, and come with supreme loot) [180]
Malaut, the Demon Prince of Greed, is one of the 6 demigods [181]
Monsters have their own unique architecture, villages, houses, camps, forts [182]
Players can chose between open-air adventures ( fighting monster spawns that are connected to form huge adventure areas) and traditional questing [183]
Evidence of an ancient civilization is present all over the map, and this is a very important and actively developing part of the gameworld [184]
Monsters can hear and smell players, and be alerted to their presence, so you may want to move silently and keep your scent away by moving downwind from them to get in a surprise attack [185]
Armor and weapons might make a player noticeable in the distance by reflective shimmer [186]
Hiding in shadows will make characters harder to see in the distance, while the shadows characters cast might get them noticed - http://rpgvault.ign.com/articles/717/717767p1.html
Monsters and creatures do not have levels either. They simply get tougher the farther you walk out of the newbie areas [187]
The only way to know whether you can take them out is to try it [188]
And unlike certain MMOs where you can find platemail on a rat, Darkfall will have none of that. What you see is what you get [189]
The AI is also smart enough to notice when people are camping spawns. In-game events can be triggered to stir things up, encouraging parties to continue exploration rather than stay in one spot [190]

On extremely rare occasions, semi-unique quests are launched by items found on the body of a fallen demigod [191]
Heads can be severed [192]
Blood splatter on the ground, trees and walls indicates that someone has just been through that spot and may be injured [193]
We do have decapitation and skull crushing in this game [194]
In fact, if your rather just crack people's skulls open all day and you really hate PVE (or player-vs-environment), you can train skills entirely from PVP in this game [195]

There are no floating nametags over player's heads [196]

All items in the world can be made by players [197]
Items can be invented by the players, with the Item creator system [198]
Players can create weapons, tools, jewelry, armor, clothing, containers, furniture, wands, potions, food [199]
Resources from crafting are obtained through hunting or harvesting [200]
Players can craft at the smithy, a workshop, an alchemist shop, a herbalist’s shop or the mage guild [201]
Each playable race in Aventurine's online world has a special signature weapon that only its members can craft [202]
The signature weapons are: Alfar: Ilshard, Mirdain: Sunbow, Dwarves: Ildhammer, Humans: Lightbringer, Mahirim: Ghost Claw, Orks: Aldarûk [203]
Farms will be in the game: "we had said that farms and farming were out, but we've managed to get them in the game" [204]
The best items will be crafted by people, and items can wear out or be looted [205]

There will be in-Game Trade boards [206]
Traders are good targets for racial enemies, pirates and bandits, so they need to be protected [207]
Transportation of goods is done on foot, by mount, ship and other transport [208]
Traders can form caravans or convoys for their mutual protection. They can hire bodyguards [209]
They need to select their modes of transport carefully, the geography and navigation, and factor in the profitability of the journey [210]
You can set up NPC Traders to vendor your Goods [211]

Players can fight over and own entire towns (Citation needed)
Players will be able to set up houses of various sizes and design, ranging from small cottages to huge castles and citadels [212]
Players can design their own houses [213]
Clanstones are placed in interestingly designed strategic areas near which clans can chose to build their cities [214]
There are clan cities, and clan villages. They are villages close to resources, or with a strategic position, which can be owned by the clans and operate like mini clan cities [215]
You won’t be able to build cities anywhere but just at key locations, which means more conflict for the limited number of city spots [216]
A Clan Stone will allow by default no more than 50 people to bind to it. This number will be increased by adding buildings and upgrades to your city. [217]
A Clan city's guards are neutral to clan members who are of their enemy race. This makes all race clans possable, but does not eliminate the no alignment hit for people in the area. (So they're still at a disadvantage.)[218]

5 continents and hundreds of small islands [219]
Weather plays a significant Role in Darkfall [220]
There will be dawns and sunsets [221]
There will be rain, snow, wind, thunder and lightning [222]
The current total night/day cycle is about four hours long [223]
The world is huge, possibly the largest single online game world ever create [224]
You can make your secret base on one of the hundreds of islands out there [225]
They are hoping to allow for up to 10.000 Players on each server [226]
Darkfall doesnt have zones. Only when you enter a dungeon or a structure there will be a loading screen [227]
To run from one end to another at regular running speed could take more than 8 hours [228]

[edit]Cities and Towns
There are 44 unique massive clan city sites like that one in Darkfall and 53 unique clan villages and hamlets [229]
Salthorpe is a fishing village on the west coast of Riada [230]
Trinwood, a village just inside the Mercian borders.Trinwood is an important village since whoever controls it has access to the stone quarry in the area [231]
Mercian Villages, These villages lie in an area where many rivers converge before making a final run towards Sanguine Bay [232]
Fire Run, where weapons are forged using molten rock channelled from a local lava stream, lies halfway between Flaming Skull and the southern fortress of Sunderdeep
The orcish village of Taloroth lies in the shadow of a mountain that shares its name. Its most important feature is a small but busy port. A cave system underneath Mount Taloroth has long been inhabited by a tribe of kobolds [233]
Silvertown, a free city state off the coast of Mercia. It's a lawless place where profit is king, and a long-established magnet for alternatively aligned people [234]
Flaming Skull, the Orcish Capital. It ies, ash-clad and lava-lit, in the shadow of a volatile volcano. Rivers of molten rock encircle the town, forming a highly effective natural moat around it [235]
Redmoon, The Mahirim Capital, sprawls across a chain of grass-clad islands that dominate a lake in the central region of the Tribelands. [236]
Charybdis, capital city of the Mirdain, straddles the Irthan River [237]
The Alfar capital lies along the shores of a large, maelstrom-wracked underground lake called the Throat. The lake is connected to some unexplored lake system deep within the heart of Agon [238]
Cities of the Leenshards: These are mainly used staging posts, where supplies may be bought and loot sold, and are located within a chain of verdant islands which lie north of the Rubaiyat mainland [239]

[edit]Adventure Location of Interest
Cities of the Arthain: Agon is home to well over 100 different monsters species, and that's not counting sub-types such as Forest Trolls or Burning Skeletons [240]
Beast Cult Fort: Is roamed by spellcasting Sadayel lizardman, and other stuff [241]
Some huge graveyard that sprawls over the southern parts of Lainstone, a central Mercian region, and has an entrance to some ancient tomb [242]
Aphelion, it lies in a damp and verdant cavern system, the walls and ceilings of which are covered by mosses and fungi [243]
The Red Pyramid, its located deep within the Sands of Rubajyat, and is roamed by Ur-Khamset himself [244]
The Sea of Glass, In the middle of this flat expanse rises a twisted and jagged mountain spire which is home to a very powerful dragon, who attacks anything that trespasses on the plain below [245]
The City of Winds, Deep in the central Rubaiyat desert lies the city of the Djinnlord, a Deathless Mage who has ruled his independent city state for centuries [246]
Halls of Ana-pur, this natural cave system, which lies in a rocky region of southern Rubaiyat, is considered the birthplace of the Sharjad goddess Ana-Pur [247]
The Angra Delta, a muddy, oozing swamp now lies where the Angra once flowed into the Mirrorsea. At the heart of the delta, the giants have flattened a sizable area in which they've built their main camp [248]
The Castle of Illgarm. It is being built by an ice demon called Illgarm, which is to serve as his foremost seat of power. Though few have seen it, the castle is reputed to be of truly gargantuan size [249]
The giant fortress of Iyrtan the Destroyer: In the northeastern corner of Yssam, in the shadow of a large volcano, stands the giant fortress of Iyrtan the Destroyer [250]
The Aernar Settlements: Inhabited by Minotaurs, located on Cairn [251]
Kasdim, a large and well-preserved Chaldean city. Though it appears tranquil from a distance, Kasdim is home to large populations of powerful monsters, who are engaged in a struggle for control of the city and its secrects [252]
Cult of the Moon Beast: Most likely scattered Camps, inhabited by Gnolls [253]
Sadayel Village: Consisted of simple huts made of wooden frames covered by layers of grass and foliag, inhabited by Lizards, The Sadayel [254]

Horses and other types of mounts, ships, magical means of travel [255]
There will be a dynamic in-game map [256]
There will be a political map, including who controls the different city states/kingdoms/fiefs, their laws and who they kill on sight [257]
There will be an ingame browser, used for in-game message boards, in-game trade boards, in-game clan sites, statistics, in-game books [258]
Roads and road signs are being installed in the game and Banks and post offices are also being placed [259]
Travelling the lands is also aided by mounts and the use of runes that can teleport you to pre-marked locations [260]

Player defined legal systems are supported by the game [261]
Characters start out with a neutral alignment, and based on your actions, this alignment changes [262]
Each of the 6 races has different political standings with the other races [263]
Some races are at war with some others [264]
Players can be attacked on sight if they enter a npc city of an enemy race [265]
The Alfar are at war with every other playable race [266]
Anyone can start a clan in Darkfall [267]
It's theoretically possible to have an all race clan. Most however, will opt for a race / alignment compatible composition for reasons of convenience and efficiency [268]
Clans control areas by occupying clanstones and bindstones. They build cities and own resource gathering locations [269]
Clan leadership is determined by a ranking system. Each rank has its own clearance level and permissions [270]
Clan member contributions as well as performance are measured and recorded for reference [271]
There is no cost to declare war, but you can only do it once per day. It lasts indefinitely until you negotiate a peace treaty [272]

[edit]General Creature Info
Dragons are powerful creatures, each individual hunts a large territory, spreading death and destruction on a level that is unrivalled by other predators
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Some more info on Darkfall
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