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PostSubject: About Karn Aanug   Sun Jul 06, 2008 9:21 pm

Karn Aanug is a creep tribe for the Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO) game on the European Laurelin server. In other words, we are a raving horde of orcs, uruks, spiders and wargs who take every opportunity to feast on manflesh

Karn Aanug is Black Speech for Red Dawn

We aim for coordinated and intense teamplay, usually in fellowships or small raids. Most of our members are rank 3 or higher and dedicated creeps.

We refrain from using exploits or using game mechanisms that are detrimental to the gameplay, e.g. we don't camp graveyards.

If you want to join, first make sure you are an experienced denizen of the Ettenmoors. We usually don't recruit under rank 3. Why is that, you might ask.

First of all, we don't want to be the biggest tribe around. The most effecient warband is a small group, that charge and stick together. The larger the raid, the harder this kind of coordination becomes.

Second, the life of a creep is short and painful. We must be able to rely on each other, and one mistake can cause the ungainly death of many. So experience is paramount to succeed.

If you want to join, apply here or send us a tell in game.

As leader I'd also like to add how I strongly promote fair play and a good fight. I mean, I discourage people to run to save their stars when the order was to charge. If we die, we die as a team, that is our main advantage over the freeps, they run rather than risk a defeat. We have won battles against freeps who outnumbered us because we charged them and they panicked. -Ymgarl

Lotro: My Monsters: Harmonizer~ Rank 9 Reaver, Zryak~ Rank 4 Warg, Feldron~ Rank 5 Warleader, Wryl~ Rank 6 Spider
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About Karn Aanug
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