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 Battle from within

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PostSubject: Battle from within   Mon Jul 28, 2008 10:37 am

Hi everyone, been knocking around an idea for the last few days and wondering if it could work.
I have noticed since Bk14s release that the moors has become very quite, but also the same moans and groans from all sides about a fair battle still rages, and I for one have seen few, when they did happen they were very enjoyable, but normally short lived.

So my idea is, though don't have a clue how to organise it, is to have a KA event on the moors. Many of us have lvl50 Freeps that we look after and take on instances etc, even some of us bring them to the moors, so why don't we have a battle in a neutral area between our freep toons and our creep toons.

We all love to have a fair battle and this would ensure that rules of engagemant was set up before hand, also many of us like to have some light Rp with our intended victims before battle, what better way than all lined up infront of each other on a field of battle , gesturing to each other, before the agreed time to do battle.

It is but an idea though and would love to hear others ideas on the matter , fundamentally whether you think it could work. We could even set up little games such as Last man standing, capture the hill and hold for 10mins, etc. Who knows others may see us doing battle and wish to join in the fun, setting new standards of how to play and have fun , without the need to farm.
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Battle from within
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